A locals guide to the Sunshine Coast

18 Jun 2018

18 Jun 2018

I recently had the opportunity to show Mother Energy around for an afternoon and cruise the Sunshine Coast in their brand new Mother Kombi Van – we had a cracker of a time! It was great to give them a taste of my hometown from my perspective, especially when the town was buzzing with excitement ahead of the Big Pineapple Festival.

After work, I headed down to Cotton Tree to meet the Mother Crew, pump some Mother Energy into me, load the van and set off to see what the afternoon had to hold.

First stop was the ol’ faithful Alexandra Headland lookout – where you can see nearly half of the coastline. It’s the perfect spot to check out the surf, have one hell of an arvo-sesh or a picnic, if that’s your go. With such a mix of people around, it can make for a laugh. You have your classic tourists, the locals who have become part of the furniture and occasionally if you’re lucky, some friendly whales.

Since the surf was flat on this certain afternoon, we decided to head out for a skate. The Alexandra Heads Skatepark is right on the beach, down from the hill and has recently been upgraded. It’s smooth as a baby’s bottom and nothing short of a skater boy’s dream!

Now, in my ripe old age of 24, I tend to skate less and am slowly turning into an old man that fears concrete. I was a bit rusty but we got a couple shots and if you don’t see much skating, they might even look cool! Once the sun started to set, we called it a day and wrapped it all up with a cruise along the beach back to the Kombi.

Hope you enjoyed my little blog, it was epic cruising around for the afternoon in the Mother Kombi Van. If you’ve never been to Alexandra Heads, The Sunshine Coast, or The Big Pineapple Festival, I hope this may entice you!

Lee Goldsmith @Lang_Hoose

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