My Ultimate Music Festival Essentials

16 Jul 2018

16 Jul 2018

I’m an OG with festivals, I’m talking Homebake, Big Day Out & Great Escape, I even attended the first ever Groovin’ the Moo which was a 3.5 hr bus ride into the country!

I thought I’d share a few tips with ya’ll to make sure your prepared for your next festival! 
The best & most obvious tip is to KEEP HYDRATED! Becoming dehydrated will make you super sick and ruin the day/night so please, please always have water with you! 
I take my portable phone charger with me everywhere! You won’t miss capturing a moment of memories on your phone, or being able to stay in contact with your friends to get the ultimate Girl Gang snap!
Map out your day with the MAIN artists you want to see, either have the lineup on your phone, most festivals now have an app or grab one on your way in! 
I always make a meeting point with friends, most festivals have terrible receptions & it’s the worst when you got to see a different artist and loose your friends! Make a meeting point EG the “Mother Tent” so you can always have a boogie! 
Guys & Dolls this is for your outfits, now we all know these days we LALALALALOVE to go overboard with amazing festival outfits BUT make sure you check the weather! No point rocking up in a leotard if it’s going to drop to 10 degrees at night, it will make you want to go home to beddy byes! I always bring a fun fluffy faux fur or denim jacket with me cause I’m the biggest sook if I’m cold hehe! 
So there you have it! Now grab some glitter & get your bootys to the dance floor!

Tegan Phillipa @TeganPhillipa

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